October 26, 2011
Ah… The mixing smell of INK and MIGHT!

50,000 words?! I never thought about it before, but I haven’t really read anything under 230, 250, most of them being 300,000 or more. I’m a Epic, High Fantasy reader, nothing but! And the thicker the book the more I have the urge to conquer it! But as I’ve read countless times before, for a new author, the publishers know and plan on loosing money with your book, so the longer it is the more they loose! With NaNoWriMo this year though, I’ve been pulling teeth, trying to decide which concept to go with, till late last night I decided, “What the Hell! I’ll write two separate novels! And with 50,000 words being the goal, I’ll just write 10 pages of each, 20 total pages a day! I have several works in progress right now, and they are all 70, or 80,000 words already, while only being a 1/3 of the way through. So the thought is to write two separate, SOLID first drafts of each book! Is it possible… ANY AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, so why not this! I can do it, simply because it’s long past time it’s done! I WANT TO BE A WRITER, a vivid soul whose heart beats by syllable! And I need a kick start to break my 26 year long lock up in the “Phantom Zone!” a.k.a Procrastinationville, which I have been a proud citizen of for a while now, but no LONGER! WRITE ~WRITE ~ WRITE

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